District Manager of the Year

District Manager of the Year Award

(District Manager awards apply to US and Canada company operated and licensed stores District Managers only.)

District Manager of the Year Awards are presented to the outstanding District Managers of the Year for a region for a specific fiscal year. Each region may present five District Manager of the Year Awards each fiscal year (one for each category listed below).

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A role model who inspires others to achieve excellence and who creates a constructive, supportive and powerful work environment by being dedicated to the ongoing training, development and continual learning of his or her partners. He or she expects and encourages full participation of partners in creating goals and developing plans to achieve their goals. This individual identifies and develops potential in partners and creates an environment that welcomes diversity.

An individual who positively approaches and follows operational policies and procedures, yet also recognizes when it is appropriate to challenge them. He or she knows the importance of taking risks when necessary to increase the success of his or her store and Starbucks Coffee Company. An individual who recognizes and implements ways to promote the efficient use of company resources and positively contributes to the bottom line. He or she consistently recognizes that profitability is essential to our future success.

An individual whose actions reflect the highest quality of standards in all areas of his/her responsibility and who ensures the quality of Starbucks products and equipment. An individual who consistently exceeds customer expectations and develops enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time. This individual responds to the customer’s needs in a proactive manner. Someone who recognizes that his or her leadership role includes a responsibility to develop and preserve both the community and the environment.

The outstanding new district manager of the year that excels in all of the areas listed above.

The most outstanding district manager of the year for a specific region. This award recipient should have outstanding accomplishments in the areas of partner, business and customer.


All district managers for a specific region are eligible to be considered for a District Manager of the Year Award.

Nomination Process

Regional directors should present their District Manager of the Year nominees to their regional vice president and regional partner resources each fiscal year.

Selection Process

District Manager of the Year Award recipients are selected by the regional vice president, regional directors, and regional Partner Resources.


There are five District Manager of the Year award recipients per region per fiscal year. Recipients of the District Manager of the Year award may receive the following:

Partner, Customer, Business, & Rookie recipients receive: Overall recipients receive: