Community Champion

Community Champion

Community Champion Award

Since the very beginning, serving our community has been a core part of Starbucks mission. These local relationships are such an important part of engaging our customers and serving our neighborhoods. Being a Community Champion takes more than just engaging in community service. It’s taking an active, ongoing part in our communities, understanding what matters locally and making a difference there. It’s caring for the planet and each other and recognizing how it all comes together to build the business and create impact.

Community Champions demonstrate how to “inspire and nurture the human spirit one neighborhood at a time” by uplifting the everyday in our communities. Building strong relationships and teams that cultivate connection, creating an impact and strengthening their neighborhoods and business at the same time. Community Champions lead and inspire others to get involved—and make a difference by demonstrating how to make an impact every day.

Download the Community Champion Nomination Form

A Community Champion:

  • Creates sustained engagement in their community, in and/or out of store, intentionally building relationships with the community to create lasting impact.
  • Uses community relationships to strengthen the business and engage their partners/works to understand how community connects back to driving the business (some examples below).
  • Inspires and teaches their team, their peers, and/or their leaders how to explore opportunities or be involved.
  • Actively engages or shares with customers.
  • Utilizes company resources and reports projects and impact to support being part of something bigger.
  • Is in good standing (as validated by local leaders).


All Starbucks partners are eligible to be nominated for a Community Champion award (U.S. and Canada).

Nomination Process

District managers should present their Community Champion nominees to their regional director each quarter. If store managers have an hourly partner they would like to recognize, they should work with their district manager to nominate.

Any partner can nominate a Community Champion with VP approval.

Selection Process

Regional directors and their team of district managers select and approve one Community Champion recipient per area, per quarter.

Any partner can nominate a Community Champion with VP approval


One Community Champion recipient per area, per quarter.

No restriction on number of awards rewarded.

VPs approve Community Champion nominations once a quarter.

Recipients of the Community Champion award will receive the following:

  • The partner receiving the community champion award will be granted $100 in their community champion portal account to donate to a nonprofit the month following this date
  • Engraved Community Champion Award with the Partner's Name
  • Community Champion pin
  • Local leader recognition